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331102GS ECCO switch Encoder
ECCO 331102GS ECCO switch Encoder
Right angle PCB vertical mounting. Extended shaft.
Part Number: 331102GS
Tedss Id: 2027002289
$1.99 - 50 pcs
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3315C-002-006 BOURNS switch Encoder
BOURNS 3315C-002-006 BOURNS switch Encoder
Encoder. 3315 Series 9mm Square Incremental Encoder. PCB Mount.
Part Number: 3315C-002-006
Tedss Id: 2027002334
$1.99 - 25 pcs
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500EN-209P-A1 CLAROSTAT switch Encoder
CLAROSTAT 500EN-209P-A1 CLAROSTAT switch Encoder
2-bit Grey code encoder, 9 cycles/rev., 36 detents/rev. Terminals from center line, extending to fro ...
Part Number: 500EN-209P-A1
Tedss Id: 2027000391
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EC05E1220201 ALPS switch Encoder
ALPS EC05E1220201 ALPS switch Encoder
Mechanical Encoders. Round Shaft Diameter 1/4in.
Part Number: EC05E1220201
Tedss Id: 2027001919
$2.00 - 25 pcs
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ECW1D-C36BC0024L BOURNS switch Encoder
BOURNS ECW1D-C36BC0024L BOURNS switch Encoder
ECW1D-C36BC0024L. Digital Contacting Encoder.
Part Number: ECW1D-C36BC0024L
Tedss Id: 2027002432

EM14A0D-C24-L064N BOURNS switch Encoder
BOURNS EM14A0D-C24-L064N BOURNS switch Encoder
EM14A0D-C24-L064N BOURNS. Encoder w/Switch 14 mm Rotary Optical. 1/4 " Dia. Flatted End
Part Number: EM14A0D-C24-L064N
Tedss Id: 2027002123
$12.98 - 50 pcs
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PEC11-4015F-S0024 BOURNS switch Encoder
BOURNS PEC11-4015F-S0024 BOURNS switch Encoder
PEC11-4015F-S0024. Incremental Mechanical Encoder 12mm. Pro Audio.
Part Number: PEC11-4015F-S0024
Tedss Id: 2027002122
$1.25 - 25 pcs
$0.99 - 100 pcs
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PEC11R-4020F-S0024 BOURNS switch Encoder
BOURNS PEC11R-4020F-S0024 BOURNS switch Encoder
PEC11R-4020F-S0024. 12mm Incremental Encoder. Metal Flatted Shaft. Push Momentary Switch. Panel Moun ...
Part Number: PEC11R-4020F-S0024
Tedss Id: 2027002415
$1.25 - 25 pcs
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PEC16-2220FN0024 BOURNS switch Encoder
BOURNS PEC16-2220FN0024 BOURNS switch Encoder
PEC16-2220FN0024. Pro Audio Mechincal Encoder .
Part Number: PEC16-2220FN0024
Tedss Id: 2027002121
$1.25 - 25 pcs
$0.99 - 100 pcs
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PICOD-111AK ALCO switch Encoder
ALCO PICOD-111AK ALCO switch Encoder
Part Number: PICOD-111AK
Tedss Id: 2027001061
$22.00 - 5 pcs
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