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QHP494AA PULSE transformer
PULSE QHP494AA PULSE transformer
Part Number: QHP494AA
Tedss Id: 2023000681

PE-65833 PULSE transformer
PULSE PE-65833 PULSE transformer
Single reinforced insulation.3KVrms
Part Number: PE-65833
Tedss Id: 2023000683

PPC-12 STANCOR transformer 115V
STANCOR PPC-12 STANCOR transformer 115V
Plug In Circuit Transformers.One Phase 115V Output 7.5V
Part Number: PPC-12
Tedss Id: 2023000843

PE-64102 PULSE transformer 500V
PULSE PE-64102 PULSE transformer 500V
Transformers Audio & Signal. 100 kHz. 75 uH. 0.20 Ohms. 25 Per Tube
Part Number: PE-64102
Tedss Id: 2023000832
$0.59 - 50 pcs
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B4025T PULSE transformer 2000V
PULSE B4025T PULSE transformer 2000V
Pulse Transformer 0C to 70C operating temperature Frequency range 138KHz to 300 KHz Isolation Volt ...
Part Number: B4025T
Tedss Id: 2023000850
$0.98 - 300 pcs
$0.79 - 600 pcs
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